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Explore our comprehensive suite of services, tailored to streamline claims quantification. From Reserve Calculations forecasting costs to meticulous Site Overviews assessing property structures, our reports ensure accuracy. Through RCV/ACV Quantification and Auditing, we provide detailed analyses, while our customized Tendering Process offers tailored solutions for your needs.


We are here to help you in forecasting a reasonable cost associated with the mitigation and replacement costs of a structure composing the claims quantification value over a defined period.

Our detailed reports capture:

  • Emergency mitigation

  • Structural repairs

  • Professional fees

  • Code upgrades

A reasonable value is applied which outlines the value associated to both the emergency mitigation and structural rebuild.

Reserve calculations may require adjustments throughout the life cycle of the claim. Accuracy is required for successful claims quantification.

Building destroyed by fire


We support you with a thorough and methodical assessment of a property and all structures on the specified site.

An in-depth review encompasses the foundation, superstructure, additions, garage, and surrounding backyard structures.

Our well documented, and easy to digest report provides all detailed information including:

  • Site location

  • Date of construction

  • Building description

  • Evaluation and analysis concerns which formulates an accurate estimate of repairs


We are here to help answer the most common question at this stage - “what is the Replacement Cost Value vs Actual Cash Value of a claim”?

This requires our experience to be able to inspect a building and understand when the structure was built, as well as the interior and exterior building finishes, and provide the building measurements.

Leveraging our experience, we craft highly detailed documents that provide accurate values which define the method of repairs to be undertaken.

Building that has started to fall apart in the middle of the woods surrounded by trees


This can be described as a basic review of the scope of work to determine if the required repairs have been properly estimated.

With our extensive construction experience, our reporting provides in-depth analysis outlining:


  • If the correct building materials & labour rates have been used

  • Project timelines

  • The projected overhead, profit and taxes.

Furthermore, our team is equipped to conduct site assessments, as requested, to verify measurements and to assess completed or outstanding work. Additionally, we offer independent third-party reports to aid in claim settlement.


Our tender process is a custom process tailored to your needs. This includes:

  • Our cost analysis report which outlines reserve calculations

  • RCV/ACV report

  • The option to use Xactimate scope or our

  • custom scope

A building that has no walls or roof and has been damaged by fire

Trust us to support you with:

  • Complex, large loss claims

  • Public adjuster involvement

  • Total loss of buildings

  • Expert service to complete your claims quantification


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