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Conducting assessments of buildings following an incident or loss, we work and coordinate with adjusters, appraisers, and contractors to delineate the structural and architectural scope of repairs while assisting with the claim quantification.

We provide an expedited and full-service approach to conduct an immediate site assessment, on-site measurements of existing conditions, and preparation of engineered (sealed) drawings.

Our aim is to provide a detailed and high-quality product tailored to meet province-wide municipal permit requirements. Our team collaborates with local municipalities to ascertain and fulfill permit needs, completing associated applications as necessary and requested.

Building damaged by fire

We specialize in incidents and losses resulting from:

  • Fire & Explosion

  • Impacts (Tree & Vehicle)

  • Wind

  • Water – Snow, Hail

  • Ground Movement


Our team of forensic experts investigates the cause of failure from individual structural components and members to overall building envelopes.

We then assess and identify the failure mechanism to determine the proximate cause.

Utilizing reverse engineering principles we conduct research into current / historic building codes and standards to determine if existing building conditions exceeded the appropriate design parameters.

House with roof that has collapsed in a snowy setting

Typical areas of investigations include:

  • Snow

  • Wind

  • Deficiencies

  • Wear and tear


No matter the size of the loss, we provide full structural engineering design services.

We have completed projects in the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors.

We navigate the building code to determine which elements of the design will be required to meet the current Ontario Building Code requirement for new construction (extensive renovation) and which elements can be grandfathered to match pre-loss (basic renovation).

Our team provides innovative repair solutions to facilitate the loss related repairs and minimize disturbance of existing and undamaged building elements.

House with the roof torn off

Have a renovation or new construction project in mind?

Our team of experts is equipped to provide intentional and thoughtful architectural and structural designs to bring your dream to fruition.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Restoration

  • Renovations

  • Change of Use

  • Additions

  • New Construction


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