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Our team of experts understands that incidents and catastrophes can happen at any time and require an urgent level of attention to mitigate further damage and to protect the health and welfare of the public.

We provide 24/7 support to give you immediate on-site assessments and direction.

Our team coordinates with the emergency parties (local municipal building departments, emergency contractors, Ontario Fire Marshals) to determine stability concerns, facilitate safe access to conduct restoration work or cause (fire) investigations, and secure the site.

A building being restructured with workers and equipment surrounding it

Received an Unsafe Order or Order to Comply from the municipality?
Our office reviews the requirements outlined on the order and promptly provides the requisite support to satisfy the engineering component of the order.

Trust us to support you with:

  • Stability Assessment

  • Safe access directive

  • Shoring design

  • Demolition direction and permit support

  • Compromised fire separation management

A building that is in the middle of being knocked down, with construction fencing around it
An old barn that has been damged by fire and smoke


Explore more ways
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Discover more ways
we can support you.

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